Rock of Ages Music Supervisor Matt Sullivan gets the nod from the Guild

Q and Sullivan in show 2

On the fifth episode of Q Score, Jonathan McHugh sat down with Guild of Music Supervisors Awards nominee Matt Sullivan to discuss the development of his career as a music supervisor, his past projects, and working methods. Sullivan shared his past experience and how having mastered technical skills such as Pro-tools assisted in his success. He goes on by telling McHugh that he has a lot of fun doing what he does and they converse about the process of transforming musicals into films and films into musicals. On a final note, Sullivan stresses the importance of selecting music that the dancers will love and be inspired by so they can create a compelling visual.

Matt Sullivan is a music supervisor with great experience. He has supervised various film musicals including “Dreamgirls”, “Rent”, “Chicago” “Saving Mr. Banks”, and “Rock of Ages”. When discussing his career, he expressed that he always had the knack for music supervising, selecting the best songs for scenes, and has always enjoyed his work, calling it “fun”. He is very passionate about his job, and has had great experience on well-known movies. He is continuing this path and working on different projects like the upcoming movie, “Imagine”. Sullivan is an experienced supervisor and will continue to utilize his experience on future projects to come.

Each week on Q Score, Jonathan McHugh takes us behind the scenes of the film and television music we love. McHugh illuminates the process of matching composers, songs, and score to specific scenes by talking to the music supervisors responsible for creating the magic.

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