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Rock of Ages Music Supervisor Matt Sullivan gets the nod from the Guild

On the fifth episode of Q Score, Jonathan McHugh sat down with Guild of Music Supervisors Awards nominee Matt Sullivan to discuss the development of his career as a music supervisor, his past projects, and working methods. Sullivan shared his past experience and how having mastered technical skills such as Pro-tools assisted in his success.…

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“Rock of Ages” Matt Sullivan – Music Supervisor Interview

Grammy nominated music supervisor Matt Sullivan talks “Rock of Ages” covering everything from Tom Cruise belting out “Pour Some Sugar” on me, the secret behind the monkey named “Hey Man,” why the strip bar scene was a sound effect challenge, and they the Twister Sister/Jefferson Starship mash-up is one of the biggest songs in the…

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Building Your Style Foundations

This week on the premiere episode of Secrets of the Red Carpet, host, stylist, and costume designer Luke Reichle brings us tips on how to get started on a new journey of style self-discovery and body awareness as we try to change our look and change our minds about how we look. On this week’s…

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