Gene Simmons: Family Jewels Music Supervisor: Greg Cahn

Q sat down Music Supervisor Greg Cahn to discuss when he was just a PA for McHugh and also his big trip to Necker Island that him and his band are going on.

Greg Cahn got his start in 2008 as the music coordinator for Battleground Earth: Ludacris vs. Tommy Lee and since then his career as taken off. Greg has gone to music supervise

Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke, Gene Simmons: Family Jewels and most recently R&B Divas ATL Season 3 and LA Season 2.  Greg and Jon discuss Greg’s passion for writing for picture, specifically on the Lionsgate film You’re Next, and the bodybuilding documentary Generation Iron. Both of which Greg’s band, Mind The Gap perform the end title (You’re Next) and opening title(Generation Iron). From there Greg talks about always being around music gives him the energy to juggle both his jobs.


Each week on Q Score, Jonathan McHugh takes us behind the scenes of the television and film content we love through the music that connects us to the content.    Music helps make the shows and films you love the shows and films you love.  The process of matching composers with content and music with specific scenes is fascinating and Q helps us understand the people behind the curtain and how the magic happens.

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