Jennifer Lawrence Pixie Cut and Earcuffs

Pixie Cuts

According to new statistics from Yahoo!, released on Wednesday, searches for the phrase ‘pixie haircut’ are 511 times higher than what they were this time last year. With stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Hudson, and Kristen Chenoweth, all sportin’ the spicer and shorter dew, it’s no wonder it’s soo hot right now.

Would you ever try a pixie cut Alexandra?

Well, Ms. Jennifer Lawrence took her pixie for a nice spin this past week for the premiere of “Catching Fire” the sequel to The Hunger Games, where she wore a Christian Dior Courture Gown and Earcuffs! A definite contrast to her retro, ladylike tea-length dress, the diamond-encrusted bauble on her left ear was on full display courtesy of her new pixie haircut.

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