Interview with Composing Duo Fall on Your Sword

Brooklyn-based composing duo Fall On Your Sword, featuring Will Bates and Philip Mossman, sit on the Comet couch to talk about recent film projects including “Nobody Walks” and “28 Hotel Rooms.”

Will Bates and Philip Mossman met in 2008 when they collaborated on a soccer boot commercial that was honored with a Cannes Gold Lion Award and a Gold Clio Award for best use of music.

“Nobody Walks” directed by Ry Russo Young will be released nationwide on November 19. The soundtrack is available digitally via Lakeshore Records. In addition the soundtrack to “28 Hotel Rooms,” which also opens in November, will be available on Milan Records.

Other credits include “Lola Versus,” “Aardvark,” “Another Earth,” “The Normals” and “Generation Um.”

Bates has played saxophone for a range of artists, including Paul McCartney, collaborated with jazz legend Roy Ayers and house innovator Marshall Jefferson. Mossman once worked extensively beside David Holmes as a studio associate and was an original member of LCD Soundsystem.

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