Claudia Christian, Chris Mannor, and Luke Reichle on Savvy Shopping and Fall Television

In our weekly SRC post show chat session, stylist Chris Mannor and Babylon 5 star and activist Claudia Christian joins Luke and chat hostess Julia Price to answer a few questions from the viewers. This stylish foursome gives us great tips on how to build our wardrobe and invest in a few great pieces when your wallet is tight. They’ll also dish on their favorite fall televisions shows.

Luke shares a couple of pointers on how to be a savvy online shopper without breaking the bank when the malls just aren’t cutting it.  He encourages us to get our hands dirty and invest in a few great wardrobe staples and tailored pieces instead of purchasing multiple items that will do nothing to further your image. The others chime in on their favorites, from white collared shirts to blazers to fabulous trench coats.

The team also spills on their television guilty pleasures. While Luke, Claudia, and Julia indulge in hits like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, 30 Rock, The New Normal, Elementary, and Nashville—Chris Mannor prefers to stick to fashion and lives for red carpet award season, with the upcoming Oscar and Golden Globe announcements coming soon.

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