Interview with “Dexter” Composer Daniel Licht

Co-hosts Tamara Conniff and Jonathan McHugh welcome “Dexter” composer Daniel Licht to The Comet Couch.

The seventh season of Showtime’s Emmy-winning series “Dexter” premiered to over 2.9 million viewers, making it the network’s number one telecast for the year. And award-winning compoer Daniel Licht provides the thrilling score to our favorite killer, using such odd and original instruments as wine glasses, duct tape, surgical tools, metal saws, scalpels, and bone percussion instruments. Plus, Licht also recently scored the video game, “Dishonored.”

His career harkens back to the jazz clubs of New York City as well as his time as an eclectic advertising composer.

Licht is currently scoring NBC’s new midseason crime drama “Infamous.” His other composing credits include, Stephen King’s “Thinner,” “Cowboy Up,” “The Winner,” “Dumbstruck,” “Splendor,” “Children of the Corn II,” ABC’s “Body of Proof” and Konami videogame “Silent Hill: Downpour.” In January, Licht was named “Composer of the Year” at the Third Annual Horror Awards in Moscow, Russia.

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