Beverly Hills Nanny Amber Valdez Interview

This week all eyes are on Amber Valdez as we shine the spotlight on this hot Beverly Hills Nanny. Although Amber is known for her hit ABC show Beverly Hills Nanny, she started her career in a very different direction. Prior to nannying, Amber worked as a broadcast journalist, racking up quite an impressive portfolio of A-list red carpet interviews. She has interviewed starts like Gerald Butler, Colin Farrell, Nick Cage and Emma Stone.

After some time, Valdez found herself in need of steady money and found the answer: become a nanny. Amber tells us how after a close friend left her nanny job with a successful writer and producer; she offered Valdez the position. From there, Beverly Hills Nannies snowballed into an entertainment sensation and came fully loaded with drama in the season finale.

Valdez experienced some low blows when she was called “ugly” on national television in the season finale. Luke and Amber discuss beauty bullying and how damaging it can really be. Shocked at the statement Amber received, she tells us how important it was for her to remain collected and be a role model for other women and children. Reacting negatively to beauty bullying and harsh comments only fuels the fire and restricts us from moving on. Amber’s fan responses have been amazing and some tweets even brought her to tears. She tells Luke, “we are imperfectly perfect,” and reminds us that we shouldn’t have to live up to any image “beauty.”

Finally, Amber shares her favorite fashion secret for keeping on budget and staying ahead of the trends. Her favorite tip is all about second hand stores and thrifting as a way to keep your style unique and fun. You can follow Amber at @ambervaldez.

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