Frances Fisher, Luke Reichle and Chris Mannor on Strappy Shoes and Looking Great Over 40

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This week on our post show chat we have our live panel of Luke Reichle, Allana Pratt, Chris Mannor, and our spotlight guest, Titanic and Unforgiven’s Frances Fisher. We’ve had a lot of viewers sharing their questions and feelings and will be answering them live with our hosts. Lets waste no time and start seeing what Luke has to say in response to our viewers beauty advice! We start our post show with a viewer question that asks, “is it bad to have more than 3 colors on at once?” Luke’s response is NO, but with conditions. Here it’s all about the balance of mixing prints and colors. It is even ok to mix florals, however, mixing colors is about skin tone and body type. In this case, some body types like petite can handle a lot of pattern, while others need to keep it simple and tailored to their body type.

Another viewer raises the question of thick ankles and how to conceal them or give them a more pleasant appearance. Like our viewer, our initial instinct is to cover those ankles with long skirts or pants so we feel as if they’ve disappeared. This however is only masking our problem rather than finding a new way to play with our features and fashion in a way that makes sense for us. The secret from our style expert Chris Mannor, is to always go for strappy shoes–sling backs are an ideal shoe to give the leg and ankle a sliming look. Both Chris and Luke agree that wedges and chunky shoes are bad for those with thicker ankles because they keep things blocky and broken up rather than lengthening.

Another question was discussed with Frances Fisher as our viewer writes in, “how do you continue to age so gracefully, it seems you get prettier with age.” Fisher’s beauty secrets are as simple as this: positive thoughts, exercise, good sleep, water, and most importantly a balance of fun and work. These are the secrets that Frances says keep her going with age and within her career.

Finally, the whole panel chimes in on “the quickest and easiest way to update a look over 40?” First, nothing above the knee and also play with structure. As you age your body tends to go through a shift in proportion so it is essential that we work with fashion accordingly. Using structured clothing that gives you a silhouette will help your body regain shape as you age. This enables you to tailor your fashion to accent your best body shapes and hide those we are not so fond of.

Luke’s final style secret for aging women is to not wear black close to the face! He says the contrast of black at the neck can accent the face too much and potentially highlight lines or wrinkles. Instead, he suggests we try a navy or even just keep it lighter in that area. Although fashion and our bodies are ever-changing, we can all agree on one thing, style is all about our mindset and how we listen to the good voices in our head in order to replicate a beautiful, confident look. Embrace your curves, don’t let fashion dictate your body and always remember to BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE!

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