What Does Love Mean To You?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, today’s show is all about love. Host Nina Boski shares factoids about marriage, dating services and the state of love in the state of Texas.  In our Nina, Inspired segment, our question of the week is “What does love mean to you?”

Health, Inspired, with co-host Wendy Newman, brings us Dr. John Kennedy, author of “The 15 Minute Heart Cure”, who enlightens us about caring for our hearts and reducing stress with good breathing techniques. He shares the recipe for his healthy heart chocolate “sweetheart shake”.

Nina recaps last weekend’s Hollywood extravaganza for transformation, GATE 2, where Jim Carrey, Eckhart Tolle and John Raatz brought together the creative community in support of changing the world through content.  Check out the fun with Edward James OlmosTom Shadyac and many more.

Academy award nominated director Roko Bolic gives us a peak at the movie “Happy“, a documentary exploring what makes people throughout the world happy.

Transformational guru Marianne Williamson, author of “The Return To Love”, “A Woman’s Worth” and “Age of Miracles” brings us her newest treasure, “Enchanted Love”.  Nina and Marianne are talking love and Marianne’s upcoming workshop on the sacred and romantic!  Join us and take a bite out of life!

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