Food Exposed

Food Exposed

As Founder and Director of Los Angeles’ premiere healthy food company, NutriFit, host Jackie Keller has spent her life helping others live longer and healthier lives.  Join her each Tuesday morning at 11 AM for healthy recipes, wellness tips and coaching advice.  Jackie will interview industry leaders from the world of nutrition, health and fitness.  



Kiwi, Mango & Avocado Fruit Scoops – NORWAY – Food Exposed: International Food & Tools Series

Garlic Rocker – SPAIN – Food Exposed: International Food & Tools Series

Zipstrip Herb Stripper – FRANCE – Food Exposed: International Food & Tools Series

Eva Multi-Grater – DENMARK – Food Exposed: International Food and Tools Series

Spirelli Spiral Slicer by GEFU – GERMANY- Food Exposed: International Food and Tools Series

“The Tree” – Food Exposed

Low Sodium Restaurants – Food Exposed



The Dining Duo – Michael Epstein and Scott Schwimer – talk food, cars and art on Food Exposed.

On this episode, Jackie takes a look at what’s on your plate when you eat out! She’ll look at how the healthy food movement is affecting restaurant food and how you can eat out and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. She’ll also take a look at new trends in the restaurant industry and what you can expect to see when you eat away from home.
This week’s guests are The Dining Duo – Michael Epstein and Scott Schwimer –  a couple that have eaten 21 meals TOGETHER every week for 22 years. They Continue Reading?


JW Najarian on Interviewing Buzz Aldrin, Cancer-Related Nutrition – Food Exposed

Jackie tackles the tough – and for many –  very personal subject of cancer this week. With 35% of all cancers being nutrition-related, Jackie discusses how cancers are linked to nutrition and why and what you can do to lower your chances of developing diseases with a few simple changes to your diet. Also, what “superfoods” you can incorporate into your diet to lower you risk of cancer.
This week’s recipe features a number of cancer-fighting ingredients and is delicious and easy-to-make Continue Reading?


John Volturo of Scriball talks living with Celiac’s Disease on Food Exposed

This week, Jackie clears up the confusion around the gluten-free craze that’s been all over the media. She’ll tell you why you have gluten on your plate and what other foods you can eliminate to improve your diet. You’ll also learn what gluten-intolerance is and what Celiac Disease is and what its symptoms are.
Jackie’s guest this week is former senior vice president of marketing for Guthy-Renker and founder of Scriball – an interactive platform that connects brands with consumers. He’s also Continue Reading?


Dian Thomas talks Johnny Carson, her dramatic weight loss and best selling books on Food Exposed

Jackie’s been helping people reach their weight goals for years and this week, she’ll share her best tips for losing weight and keeping the weight off. She’ll give you the do’s and don’ts when it comes to dieting, what’s healthy and what’s not and how you can be successful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Food Exposed is proud to have Dian Thomas, best-selling author, television personality and professional speaker, as its guest this week. Dian has been a guest on The Tonight Show with Continue Reading?


Rand Corporation’s Dr. Deborah Cohen on the Obesity Epidemic – Food Exposed

This week, Jackie examines how American dieting trends have changed over the last decade – from using Lucky Strikes Cigarettes as a weight loss tool to the Lemonade Diet to Dexatrim to Weight Watchers to the Atkins and Paleo diets! She’ll tell you the best diet for losing weight and keeping weight off – and dispel the myths behind fad diets.

Jackie’s guest this week is Rand Corporation, PhD researcher Deborah Cohen. Deborah has been studying obesity for the last 12 years and has put her Continue Reading?



Chicken Salad with Spiced Sesame Sauce – Food Exposed

Armenian Vegetable Casserole – Food Exposed

Super Foods Veggie Delight – Food Exposed

Vegetable Curry – Food Exposed

White Beans & Kale – Food Exposed











Host: Jackie Keller

Executive Producers : Jackie Keller, Susan Wrenn, Lorna Paul.