Ric Drasin LIVE

Ric Drasin LIVE

Ric Drasin Live will discuss all aspects of fitness training, nutrition bodybuilding, body shaping, what to wear to look good and how to get into shape. Those who do and those who can't and why they can't. Ric speaks from personal experience and his point of view after 50 years of bodybuilding and pro wrestling. Also discussion about joints and injury.

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  Pepper Jay began her performance career at age 5. When she wasn't appearing in

Leg press if done properly will give you great results very similar to the squat without having the

Gary Cole was born on September 20, 1956 in Park Ridge, Illinois He is known for his work on


Host : Ric Drasin

Executive Producers / Producers : Ric Drasin, Inna Tuler, Susan Wrenn, Lorna Paul.