Target Collab’s with Peter Pilotto on Tailor Made with Brian Rodda

Peter Pilotto For Target

The British are coming… to Target!
The best news out of London Fashion Week this fall was that Peter Pilotto would be bringing his colorful prints stateside for a collaboration with Target, but before we get to the “leaked” photo that will give us some clue as to what the essence of the collection, let’s take a look at some of Pilotto’s and De Vos’ past designs:
First we have lovely fall dress, complete with fur neckline, showing off their training from Belgium’s esteemed Royal Academy of Fine arts
Here a more subdued number from their Fall 2013 line.

Incase you didn’t know, before launching their line in 2005, both Pilotto and De Vos used work for Vivienne Westwood.
Other past work includes their masterful Spring 2014 line embodying digitally engineered prints painstakingly overlaid with acid-hued lace, broderie anglaise, and sequins—look fit for a futuristic garden party and prove that Pilotto and his co–creative director, Christopher De Vos, are indisputable masters of merging cyber savvy with couture sophistication.
Leading members of today’s plugged-in generation of designers, Pilotto and De Vos are acutely aware that there’s more to life than $5,000 dresses.
In a photo published by Elle, Pilotto and his co–creative director Christopher De Vos pose with models showing off a drop-waist dress, a cropped tee, a pencil skirt and what appears to be a romper. The looks nearly 70 in total, adapt hyperreal floral and geometric graphics ready made for a weekend in Montauk.
For the American chain they found new ways to effect kaleidoscopes. “We chose a couple of prints and used seams to achieve an engineered color silhouette,” Pilotto explains.
They debut in Target on Feb. 9, 2014, so be sure to check in with your local Target store manager to ensure you’re first in line when these wildly expressive threads drop!


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