Halloween Edition

We kick off our show with a little Halloween history and a lot of Woo Woo! Astrology Woo Woo that is. So much is happening in the Universe right now. The Sun, Mercury, Saturn & North Node in are all in the sign of Scorpio, uh, can you say intense? Neptune is opposing Mars – those could be fighting words – ┬ábut they are in signs Pisces & Virgo so it’s far more constructive! And it is all part of a T-Square pointing at Pluto, so yeah, it’s a doozy of a week. Plus we do a quick run down of how all these aspects & transits are manifesting in the media. Then Lauren finally breaks down for Jenn why the Wicked Witch of the West has tormented her for her entire life. Something about Neptune and Mercury/Pluto conjunction. For all the fun, details & Jenn’s therapy session…check out our Pilot episode of Your Weekly Woo Woo, here on emPOWERme.tv!

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