Earth Wind and Fire’s Verdine White: Art Imitates Style

This week it’s all about the testosterone on Secrets of the Red Carpet as Luke takes a deeper look at what it means to be a male fashionista. GQ Magazine stylist Michael Cioffoletti joins the show this week to give us the low down on key looks for the tailored male. Luke also throws down with music legend Verdine White of Earth Wind and Fire, who gives us an inside look at how art imitates life on and off the stage.

This weeks Red Hot on the Red Carpet pays homage to menswear as seen on Hollywood’s leading arm candy. Red-carpet newbie Joseph Gordon-Levitt rocked the carpet recently at Toronto International Film Festival. Levitt’s look tosses him into the ranks of other leading actors like Jude Law, Zac Efron, Darren Criss, Bradley Cooper, and Brad Pitt. These men are no match however, for style star Ryan Gosling and veteran prince of the best-dressed list, suave George Clooney.

Menswear style guru Michael Cioffoletti joins Luke this week for The Latest In. His editorial work has been featured in A-list magazines like GQ, Vanity Fair, Wallpaper, Men’s Fitness and Flaunt. Michael’s also done advertising for clients like Apple, James Perse, Nordstrom and Levi’s. This week he’s here to gives us the inside scoop on all things camo. He’ll show us what trends are sweeping men’s fall fashions and who’s sporting the latest looks.

Luke reminds us on The Inside Job this week of our lesson from last time on forgiving the messengers. He gives us great tips on taking back control of our own perception and eliminating those harmful messages that we’re content to focus on. He shows us how to forgive and move on so we can finally start to dispel the self-slander.

This weekLuke shines the spotlight on special guest Verdine White, the bassist full of “fire” from the critically acclaimed band, Earth Wind and Fire. Luke and Verdine light up the set as they take us back through Verdine’s history as a unique, fashion-forward rockstar. Together they remind us that art often imitates style and there’s nothing better than throwing together a bold look for a fashion risk that can change your life.

In our weekly SRC chat session, Michael Cioffoletti and Verdine White join Luke and Julia to answer a few questions. Our favorite hosts and their guests gab about all things fashion, from Verdine and Michael’s fabulous tips on leather jackets to finding the right tailor to give you the best look possible. Verdine also gives us the inside scoop on his favorite place to perform, the Hollywood Bowl.

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