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Emma Stone Red Hot on the Red Carpet

The red carpet has been so busy this summer it’s like The Hunger Games with ball gowns. On this week’s Red Hot on the Red Carpet, we’ll shine the spotlight on red-carpet sweetie Emma Stone, who threw it down looking gorgeous and chic in a black Gucci gown at the Paris premiere of The Amazing Spiderman. This gal is no stranger to red-hot looks and holds her own against other rising fashion stars, like Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, and Emma Watson. She’s come a long way since her Easy A days, whether glamming it up in an elegant Giambattista Valli gown at last year’s Academy Awards or rocking a smokin’ hot Elie Saab ensemble. Luke shares an easy way to replicate this fair-haired beauty’s edgy look.

Ellen Pompeo, Tom Brady and Nicole Richie pop Monochromatic Looks

This week on The Latest In, stylist Chris Mannor demonstrates how both men and women can be utterly fabulous in monochromatic dressing. These one color looks are sizzling all over Hollywood, even in movies. Chris shows us how our favorite celebrities are rocking this trend—from Grey’s Anatomy Ellen Pompeo’s fierce in beige to New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady sleek in black. He’ll also tell us how to pop with neutrals on an all-black ensemble to keep you looking hot on the red carpet, just like style icon Nicole Richie.

The Inside Job of the Body Image

This week on Secrets of the Red Carpet, Luke Reichle gives viewers some tools on how to neutralize negative thoughts and promote a positive self-image. Luke reminds us that a negative self-image originates from external messages that pull our mind in a variety of directions. And that in order to release your inner boldness and beauty, you must take a breath, relieve the pressure, and manage the negatives one thought at a time.  After all, every woman is beautiful and is a fashionista at heart.


Being the boss of your thoughts and how you interpret them is vital to your health.   Most importantly, you need to recognize and neutralize how you perceive direct and indirect messages from external sources.  For example, someone calling you fat or saying you don’t have breasts correlates into a direct message of feeling unattractive and can grow into a long-term sense of negative body image.  On the flip side, we get indirect negative body image messages through magazines, television, and advertising telling us we are not beautiful enough if we don’t abide by the media’s unrealistic standards of beauty, (i.e. extremely thin celebrities and models.) We then interpret those messages, as we don’t meet that ideal image so therefore we are not worthy or beautiful.

We should all remember that real people aren’t perfect and perfect people aren’t real. Every woman can find her inner beauty and thus take control of her outer beauty by taking a step back and organizing her thoughts with clarity and positivity.  Push through the thresholds and discomfort that may come up and control those messengers! You will blossom into an empowered woman by taking control of your thought process and realizing your true beauty.   Watch the episode for the “how to” on controlling negatives messages.

Spotlight On with Nip Tuck’s Roma Maffia:

This week we have the privilege of shining the spotlight on the fabulous Roma Maffia. Whose credits include film roles alongside Hollywood’s leading men like Morgan Freeman in “Kiss the Girls,” Johnny Depp in “Nick of Time,” and Tommy Lee Jones in “Double Jeopardy”–to her unforgettable characters on television–where Roma is perhaps most familiar for her role as Dr. Liz Cruz on the cutting-edge medical drama, Nip/Tuck. Roma sits down with Luke to discuss fashion, character roles, and everything in between.

Roma talked about how working in television is “like boot camp.” It’s intense, it’s fast and an always changing environment.  When working on a series like Nip/Tuck, you engage with your character long term and are constantly refining it.  In discussing her style evolution, Roma joked about her Catholic school uniform days translating into her costume design, and it’s funny how she’s often in scrubs, a suit or police uniform.  She says much of her personal style evolution has stemmed from what she has learned from costume designers–their creative ability to design something out of nothing taught her a lot about fashion. Her latest project The Hive, where she stars with Halle Berry and is expected to be released sometime in 2013. The movie is a thriller that is seen through the eyes of a 911 operator who is played by Berry.

Roma also discusses going back to school to get her MFA so that she can move back to New York and work in theatre as well as teach.  Roma leaves us with a back to school fashion tip of hers: always dress clean and with comfort…but of course always in your most stylish pieces.

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