Surrendering Dorothy

On episode eight of SRC, Luke introduces us to a couple of hot young up-and-comers on this week’s edition of The Style Watch. Brothers Harry and Peter Brant II, sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and wealthy businessman Peter Brant, are the ones to watch as they take New York by storm.

On the Style Gospel According to Luke, it’s all about surrendering the exaggerated ideas of flaws in our head. Oftentimes we magnify aspects of our image, much like caricatures, and then they fester in our heads as flaws. Luke suggests that we let go of the lies and continue to surrender. Eventually the lies will cease to keep coming back.

Secrets of the Red Carpet shines the spotlight on television’s resident woman of authority, Penny Johnson Jerald. Penny’s famous for her powerful roles, playing the tough Captain Gates on ABC’s Castle, where she stars alongside Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic, not to mention the hard-nosed Sherry Palmer on 24, co-starring Kiefer Sutherland.  Penny dishes on her favorite roles, which also includes Beverly, an assistant on The Larry Sanders Show. She also chats with Luke about her other loves, law and directing. The stylish actress is constantly living out her latest passion, whether she’s whipping her friends into shape with PJJ’s 50 Day Workout Challenge, throwing a punch at a boxing bag, or interning at a law office. Penny also divulges her history as a stage actress and spills the beans about a wardrobe malfunction that left her reeling.

This week’s edition of The Inside Job is about taking ownership of our exaggerations. Own the truth and neutralize the exaggerations by replacing them with simple statements of fact that imply ownership. Both Luke and Allana provide a few tips on the subject so that we can start to practice freeing ourselves from the negative statements. With time and practice, we can start to shift our mindsets from judgment to awareness.

Wedding season continues this week on The Hollywood Minute Makeover. Luke shows one viewer how she can transform one tank dress into four separate looks for four very different ceremonies. With a few fantastic jackets and accessories that are cheap and easy to find in thrift stores and consignment shops, she’ll be working the wedding circuit with style and flair in no time.

Adolfo Sanchez is in the house to discuss The Latest In party dresses for wedding season. The fabulously edgy LA designer is famous for his sexy, whimsical dresses and custom wedding gowns. He and Luke share a special preview of his upcoming collection, which includes gorgeous silk charmeuse gowns, cashmere coats reminiscent of the 20s and 30s, and trendy peplum party dresses. He’ll show us a few of his gorgeous wedding gowns as well, including a gorgeous draped red silk chiffon. All of these looks are available in department stores and online at

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