Lie of the Mind

On this episode’s Style Gospel According to Luke, it’s all about accepting the present and banishing the comparisons. Luke encourages us to love our bodies for what they are now and attempt to stop comparing ourselves to others, choosing instead to compare ourselves to ourselves only. Leading a healthy lifestyle is all well and good, but style and glamour are a state of mind.

SRC’s very own make-up artist Genevieve Lamb (who’s also a member of Sephora and Christian Dior make-up teams) joins Luke on the other side of the camera for the latest in wedding makeup. Genevieve’s long list of hot Hollywood clientele includes the likes of Kristin Cavallari, Drake, Kelly Osbourne, Lilly Collins, Lucy Hale, and Amy Poehler.

Genevieve encourages starting off with a palette that matches the dress and type of wedding you’re having, whether it’s a beach wedding, traditional wedding, or edgy rocker wedding. She and Luke share tips on how to nab a great wedding make-up artist, using great websites like or other word-of-mouth references. Genevieve also showcases her favorite products from hot companies like Forever Face, Dior, Tart, Amazing Cosmetics, and Stila. Genevieve also dishes on her last-minute secret weapons when you’re pressed for a great look in a short amount of time.

On The Inside Job, Luke gives us sound advice on handling our negative value judgments of ourselves, or “lies of the mind.” He gives us a new assignment that will further our progress in negating the negative and moving to neutral territory. With a little hard work, we’ll be one step closer to uncovering the lies and revealing the real truth about our bodies and ourselves.

This week’s Hollywood Minute Makeover shines the spotlight on that age-old problem of how to accessorize your drab and unflattering high school graduation gown. While there’s little to be done with the actual gown itself, we can glam it up by decorating our caps, which most schools allow. Get creative with paints, jewels, and even feathers, if you’re so inclined. We can also maintain our inner fashionistas with a dramatic reveal. Wear something fabulous underneath the gown that you can show off later.


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