High Blood Pressure with Dr. Robert Waldman

Today on MD-VOD, Dr. John Kennedy is joined by expert nephrologist, Dr. Robert Waldman to discuss high blood pressure. Together they examine the cause of high blood pressure, who is at risk, the symptoms, how it’s diagnosed and available medications, treatments and therapies. They further discuss the consequences and the realities of living with high blood pressure, including insurance coverage and related costs.

High blood pressure is known as the silent killer, and affects one in three Americans. High blood pressure can cause a variety of complications in a number of organs including the heart, brain, and kidneys.

The most common symptoms of high blood pressure that you should look for are:

• Headache
• Fatigue or confusion
• Vision problems
• Chest pain
• Difficulty breathing
• Irregular heartbeat
• Blood in urine
• Pounding in chest, neck, or ears

Dr. Waldman points out that it is best to start with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise when addressing high blood pressure. Although for those with extreme blood pressure levels, many doctors recommend starting on medication as well. There are many medications prescribed for high blood pressure including: ACE inhibitors, diuretics, and beta-blockers, just to name a few.

The effects of these medications vary, but they all help to lower your blood pressure. Some common effects of high blood pressure medications are: dilating your blood vessels, removing excess water and sodium from the body, and blocking or preventing the release of hormones responsible for increases in blood pressure.

So join us as we simplify this common and treatable disease and arm you with the tools and information you need to combat high blood pressure for yourself and those you love.

*****This video contains healthcare information only, not medical advice.*****

Host, Dr. John Kennedy, MD, FACC is the Director of Preventive Cardiology and Wellness, Marina Del Rey Hospital, Marina Del Rey, California. He is on the Board of Directors for the American Heart Association and is the Co-Author of The 15 Minute Heart Cure: The Natural Way to Release Stress and Heal Your Heart in Just Minutes a Day.

Guest expert, Dr. Waldman is currently the head of the substance-abuse detox program at Cliffside Malibu treatment center in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from Hahnemann University, where he also served his internship and residency in Internal Medicine. As one of the top addiction experts in the country, Dr. Robert Waldman, MD, brings to his work a unique blend of critical-care clinical experience and private-practice treatment of drug and alcohol dependency. During the “medical trial of the century” regarding the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson. Dr. Waldman was called as an expert witness on the treatment of drug dependency.


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