I am not even going to pretend that I know what it is like to get inside a guy’s head, but I do know this; we do approach life very differently at times, especially in the area of relationships. I can’t tell you how many times my female clients, when referring to their partners or boyfriends, will project how they deal and process life on to their significant others. I got news for you, “it won’t work.”

Men do not think like the average girl. As an example, a woman may ask me, “do you think he really loves me but because he just lost his job and is in his cave that is why he has not called me for four days?”…” And do you think his silence really means he is looking at why he and I are not talking and do you think he will want to go to therapy and really at look at why he pushes me away like he does? Some of these questions are back to back and in the same conversation as we women process in a variety of ways. It’s not that men won’t ask themselves questions, but they may not be so quick to delve into all these possibilities in one quick swoop. It’s usually a little more black and white and simplistic in the approach.

Usually men do not even think about these areas we women venture into as thinking this is the mind of a man. More times than not, if a man says he does not want a relationship, he means it. There is no hidden meaning behind it. Remember the book and movie, “He’s Just Not That into You?” The concept was so popular because we as women are always delving deeper into what it really means…

As we approached this week’s topic, I found it amazing how some men thought they would get in trouble if they thought like a man and others say thinking like a man is more multi-dimensional. So my message for you ladies, is not to stereotype your man, but to try to understand his mind not from yours but from his point of view. Sometimes if we can step out of ourselves and listen instead of talking, understand instead of projecting and open to another’s point of view instead of controlling, we can have a much better communication and relationship. So as we explore this topic from Steve Harvey’s THINK LIKE A MAN,” let us all look a little closer at ourselves and have compassion for our differences and look at new ways we can evolve and relate to each other – thinking, feeling… and then some! So looking forward to having you watch the show, either LIVE or on-demand. We have an exciting line up from the LOVE MASTER, Craig Shoemaker and Comedy Central regular to the “MAN PANEL” life coach, David Giuliano, and the host of the popular series, the MALE ROOM, Corey Jenkins! It will be a fun show, so tune in and take a bite… A LOVE BITE!


Nina Boski, Host of LifeBites LIVE on TV show LIVE from Hollywood Thursdays at 11a PST. 

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