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Welcome to MD VOD…Your Health, Live and On Demand with Dr. John Kennedy. We’ll bring you vital information about common diseases in easy to understand language. Whether we’re talking about cholesterol or breast cancer, hypertension or obesity… whether you are personally struggling with a challenge to your health or you have a close friend or loved one at risk… we’ll help you get access to accurate and credible information critical to managing your health care concerns and challenges. We’ll talk live with top experts as well as those currently living with the disease, helping you to understand the symptoms, appropriate tests for diagnosis, commonly used products and medications, effective therapies and how to manage your life during and after treatment. And with healthcare costs soaring, it’s important to know where your health care dollars are going. On MD VOD we’ll discuss what a particular disease costs for standard diagnosis and treatment, what insurance covers and resources that can help pay for or reduce costs to you. And at the end of each show we’ll leave you with an “Apple A Day” giving you practical, helpful tips and tools that will help you prevent contracting the illness. No more searching the internet for hours trying to find reliable information and answers to your medical questions. Not only will we provide you with easy to understand information on a particular disease during the show, afterwards we’ll provide you with on demand access to the archive and many other resources, available on all platforms so it’s there when you need it.

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