Overcoming Obstacles with Laura Hansen and Robbie Pickering

This week on LifeBites Live how do you overcome obstacles and get back on track? Maybe you need to go on a journey to find some clarity, we’ll take on the road to self-discovery in this week’s show…

In our Nina, Inspired segment, our question of the week is “What is an obstacle(s) you need to overcome in your life?” This show we’ll help you overcome obstacles, find balance and get your calm back.

For this week’s Hollywood, Inspired segment, Nina talks to writer/director Robbie Pickering about his new movie, “Natural Selection” which is about a woman who embarks upon a journey and finds out more about herself then she ever thought she would.

In Life, Inspired author of “Hand Me a Wrench, My Life Is Out of Whack”, Laura Hansen, helps us put some balance back into our life and have fun along the way.

However first up, Health, Inspired – we’ll be embarking on a journey of weight loss and getting in shape when fitness trainer, Nancy Kelsey is with us helping Wendy Newman and Nina Boski aid our very own comedian, Ed Lobo, and guest, Karen Arenson lose over 100 pounds and get in shape all at the same time. If you are overwhelmed, you don’t want to miss week’s LifeBites LIVE! Tune in and take a bite baby!



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