Transformation with Don Miguel Ruiz, Yoga Girls and GATE

This week we’re all about transformation . . . of your mind, body and the planet!

The Yoga Girls, Jocelyn Kay Lee and Jacquelyn Richey, join Nina and health co-host Wendy Newman to get your body moving. They share insights, poses you can do at home and show us how to harness our inner heat with fire breath!

Best-selling author and spiritual advisor Don Miguel Ruiz joins Nina to share his new book, “Mastery of Love”. We re-visit “The Four Agreements” with Don Miguel, and how the book and the agreements are still changing lives ten years later.

GATE founder John Raatz gives us a preview of GATE 2, the star-studded Hollywood event where transforming the world by transforming content and media is the task at hand! John shares the vision of co-founders Jim Carrey and Eckhart Tolle, and brings funny man Kyle Cease along to put a transformational smile on your face.

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