LifeBites Live Pilot Episode

On today’s show we will start out LifeBites Live with the theme of a NEW YEAR, a NEW YOU! We’ll be discussing passions, dreams and dreams adjusted. We’ll also hear from you as our own funny man, Ed Lobo, takes it to the streets, and asks “What is Your Theme Song for Life?”

HEALTH, INSPIRED: Co-host of the segment, Wendy Newman, personal brand coach and co-founder of The Celebrity Weight Loss Team, Denise Hall-Carter, one of the LifeBites fitness experts and a recent new mom, and a real life mom who needs to lose weight will discuss losing weight and fitness. We can help you start shedding the pounds especially if you are a mom in need of losing your baby weight! Follow Celebrity Weight Loss Team on Facebook.

LIFE, INSPIRED: Need to find your passion in life? Check our segment with Mick Bird. He will be talking with Nina about his adventurous spirit and his row around the world. He also just happens to sing the LifeBites theme song! Mick has been featured on CBS 48 hours and The CBS Morning Show.

HOLLYWOOD, INSPIRED: We’ll discuss Michael Cuesta (Golden Globe winner as Executive Producer of “Homeland“) as writer/director of the new movie “Roadie“. Tour managers Doug Casper (Fleetwood Mac, Lenny Kravitz and Chris Isaak) and Tim Lamb (Bob Seger┬áTour) join in to talk about music, passion, dreams and dreams adjusted. Roadies are in the House – LIVE!

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