Science Answers the Need for Business Growth

Evolutionary biologist and thought leader Rebecca Costa explores how the application of science to the challenges facing businesses large and small can provide insight and answers to the way forward.  Adjacent technologies provide techniques companies can graft onto their own DNA.  Looking at today’s competitors can be shortsighted – did Nikon think that telephones were going to become their competition?!

Expert Andrea Kates, founder of the Business Genome process, joins Rebecca to share the insights she acquired during her work with over 250 major corporations and introduces her new book “FIND YOUR NEXT: Using the Business Genome to Find Your Company’s Next Competitive Edge”.

Rebecca also takes a look at the “big picture” and how the “business” of survival requires we take a more responsible approach to other species and other cultures.  The extinction of any of nature’s gifts has eerie possible consequences – perhaps one of these extinct species held the answer to cancer! Big problems like air pollution and the extinction of the earth’s assets are global, and the great challenge of patriotism is to find the right balance between “just us” and “all of us”, without which we all go the way of the now extinct Javan rhinoceros.

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