AirForce Logistics Liason, Su Castillo: Transitioning to the Civilian workforce after War

One of the most challenging aspects of readjusting to civilian life after war, is securing employment. is a great resource for Veterans to browse job postings from a variety of businesses that are actively hiring or seeking to hire veterans.


Logistics Liaison in U.S. Air Force. Responsible for over 1 Million dollars worth of Military Spending. Operation of special purpose government vehicles, hazardous material and handling in support of F15, F16 and B2 Bombers. Conducted inventory and safety briefings on war readiness kits.  Moved to LA three years ago and continues to pursue Acting. Currently finishing school for Bachelors in Media Arts and Animation and then going onwards to Masters of Fine Arts. Co-starred in “Breaking The Silence” about Military Sexual Assault. It was showcased at GI Film Festival

“Life After War”…True stories from Veterans sharing their experiences and challenges of coming home.

Jeff and Kimberly have been featured Internationally on TV’s Master’s of Illusion and their show will astound you but the most remarkable thing may be that they were able to turn a long distance relationship into a happy marriage (thanks to, AT&T and American Airlines.)

Jeff is a big city boy from Los Angeles, he served in the cold war gathering intelligence as a communication specialist and is now a retired Army Veteran. He makes his living as a professional magician performing in venues such as the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood as well as a Stuntman who’s been knocked out by Sylvester Stallone and other hard hitting celebrities!

Kimberly is small town girl from rural Oklahoma who knocked Jeff out the moment he laid eyes on her. From the start they both knew they shared a special connection, yet Jeff had no idea just how powerful her intuition could be and together they entertain the US Armed Forces both local and abroad with their live show, Operation Bravo.

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