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Pepper Jay began her performance career at age 5. When she wasn’t appearing in television sitcoms, such as “The Real McCoys,” she was performing on stage in school, at local parks, and community theater. From ages of 5 to 15, Pepper also tap danced and performed skits for charity events and fund-raisers.

After graduating from San Diego State University, Pepper Jay obtained a life time teaching credential from the State of California. Pepper taught several subjects for the Los Angeles Unified School District including drama, dance, health education, and physical education. During the 1970’s, she taught at Hollywood High School, where Pepper was also in charge of coordinating and producing shows by the 100+ member “drill team.”

Although Pepper Jay completed her pubic teaching career in 1983, she continues to this day her private teaching and coaching, specializing in acting, singing, and public speaking skills. For example, her most recent singing performance students include John Michael Ferrari, Montana Tucker, Nikki Nova, and Allison Iraheta. Pepper also continues her public speaking engagements; sharing topics such as “Audience Psychology,” “Listen and Be Heard,” and “The Power of Money.”

In 1990, Pepper Jay formalized the entertainment company, Pepper Jay Productions. And, in 1993, created the Working Actors Group, which still, from time to time, offers free oncamera and cold reading workshops to selected union actors.

Today, Pepper Jay is found on both sides of the camera. Pepper is the publisher and a producer and director for the Actors Reporter and for Pepper Jay Production clients, she continues to coach performance skills for actors, speakers, and singers. Pepper Jay has returned to her acting roots and looks forward to the world of the working actor.



Ric Drasin, former Pro Wrestler (The Equalizer) owner of Ric Drasin’s Pro Wrestling School, Bodybuilder and designer of the famous Gold’s Gym and World Gym Logos, former training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Demi Hulk (middle hulk) on The Incredible Hulk TV Series.  Ric has an Internet show with over 10 million viewers which has interviews with bodybuilders of the Golden Era (the 70’s) at Gold’s Gym along with celebrities and guests talking about fitness, bodybuilding, health and gym situations today.  Ric also writes articles for Muscle&,, Universal Nutrition on training, diet and how to maintain shape well into the senior years.  Along with that Ric hosts other shows,,  Ric Drasin Live on, and Tuff and Tender (on relationships) also on Ric designed the Gold’s Gym logo on a napkin in a deli in 1973 and the World Gym Gorilla for Joe Gold in 1976.  He also had a t shirt line following those. It doesn’t end there, as he also has books out that he has written, Bodybuilding for Dumbbells and The Time of My Life, the Golden Era of Bodybuilding on his website,   Ric has also designed more shirts that are on his site as well as on   See photos.

It never ends. I love keeping busy, positive and moving forward on a daily basis says, Ric.  Living in Sherman Oaks Ca is fine but I also like to take breaks from the daily routine and come to Venice for a workout and lunch at the Firehouse. I always meet new fans and set up interviews as well.  Venice will always be my roots and my home.

Still training 6 days a week and staying good shape even though have suffered many wrestling injuries.  It’s the only way to live and train. I know no other way.  Ric received the Joe Gold Lifetime Achievement Award in Las Vegas in 2012 and last year the Orange County Legends in Wrestling and Sports Achievement award.

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