New Year’s Resolutions – Tuff and Tender

Ric Drasin and Inna Tuler discuss New Years Resolutions for you, your loved ones and family.  These are different than most resolutions that you’ll here.   Everyone usually has the standard ones but these have a varied twist to them.

Ric Drasin received the Joe Gold Lifetime Achievement Award for all his years in Bodybuilding, Pro Wrestling and Acting and what he’s given back to the sport as an icon and legend, including the history of the Golden Era on Ric’s Corner. Also World Gym re-released the original Gorilla Design that Ric did in 1974 for Joe and now bears his signature as a signature series shirt.

Ric Started Tuff n Tender about 10 years ago on his website and now brings it to you live.

Inna has 3 children of her own and her and Ric have good chemistry when it comes to talking about relationships and how to make them work.  She also owns a  multi million dollar corporation and relationships with employees plays an important part in all relationships.


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