We’re talking Crystals with Ciara Colby Caneega

Crystals! They are a part of the Earth itself. They have been used in ancient rituals, crown jewels & you can buy them by the handful at your local occult shop. But how are they ‘activated’?  How do we actually use them? Crystal enthusiast Ciara Colby Caneega is going to walk us through the basics to use Crystals in a variety of ways. Meditation, Intentions, Healing.. with Individual stones, Pendulums & yes, even a WAND!

Ciara about working with Crystals:

“I first became interested in crystals as an adult around the time I was learning about energies and vibrations and was given a gift of a quartz crystal by one of my very best friends, Jacque Crawford. I have then been gifted many more (including a pink rose quartz I’ll mention) and have of course, gone on maniacal crystal hunts trying to collect one of every kind. I am fascinated in their metaphysical and healing properties and I enjoy using them for many different reasons through out my day!”

Lauren is here, as always, to walk us through the aspects out there in our universe. She’ll be showing us how to navigate and what crystals may help smooth those edges. This week we have Mercury moving in to Sagittarius on Thursday (5th), then Mars moves in to Libra on Sunday (8th) and then quickly forms a T-Square with Pluto in Capricorn, and opposing Uranus in Aries. Definitely aspects that could use a little crystal element action to make it easier, no?

And a Weekly Woo Woo favorite – Woo Woo in the world! This week we saw




Your Weekly conversation about what is going on OUT THERE – Astrology, Tarot, Reiki, Numerology, Chakras…if it’s got some woo woo going on, we’re going to talk about it!!

Hosted by Actor / Producer & Metro Detroit Native, Jenn Wilson. She has been a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan since the original Star Wars (And let’s be honest, THE FORCE, is just concentrated WooWoo, right?) Once she booked her first professional acting gig – not for any crazy talent – because the Director thought she looked like Dana Scully…well it was a done deal. Genre nerd for LIFE. Creator of her own Award winning Sci-Fi webseries – GUIDES – combines Jenn’s love of SciFi, Astrology, History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, strong women and good solid comedy. Jenn is thrilled to be a part of TheStream family and the opportunity to continue to talk about all things Woo Woo on Your Weekly Woo Woo. Jenn plans to talk about all of her favorite esoteric topics, without all the esoteric-y talk. Basically the goal is to have great fun spreading the mantra “Let’s bring this New Age hippie madness to the masses”!!

Jenn is joined weekly by Astrologer Lauren Maxwell Matthews. She had an instant interest in astrology, from her first exposure as a child. Aste dimensional graph of the universe and reflected to us in the stars. She didn’t mean to learn it,  shejust couldn’t help it. As Lauren got older her interest continued to grow, and at some point she went from being the one asking questions about astrology, to the one giving answers. When she realized she was really helping people by translating for them a new insight into their unique souls and life paths, she had an insight about her own life path: It’s no accident Lauren speaks this language! She is supposed to translate for people who want to understand the knowledge astrology has to offer us. And she loves it!

“Astrology is just another language, a beautiful mathematical language printed on the three dimensional graph of the universe and reflected to us in the stars.” – Lauren Maxwell Matthews

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