International Best Dressed List, Hot Gear for Men, and Rad Make Up on Tailor Made

International Best Dressed Men of the Year.

Justin Timberlake

OCCUPATION: Actor, businessman, and singer-songwriter.
RESIDENCES: New York City and Los Angeles.
LABEL: Tom Ford.
NOTABLE ENSEMBLE OF 2013: Tom Ford tuxedo worn at the 55th Grammy Awards, in Los Angeles.

Keith Richards

OCCUPATION: Rolling Stone.
RESIDENCE: Weston, Connecticut.
FAVORITE ITEMS OF CLOTHING: “Too numerous to mention.”
STYLE ICON: “Why should I … I am one!”

Tom Brady
FAVORITE ACCESSORY: “My wedding ring.”
STYLE ICON: “Steve Jobs.”

OCCUPATION: Writer, human-rights lawyer, diplomat.
FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: “A simple leather jacket—mine, an old Bill Tornade—has gotten me through cocktail parties in New York and cold nights in Afghanistan.”
FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP: “Inexpensive tailoring towns like Islamabad, where you can find a talented craftsperson to make just about anything for a song.”
STYLE ICON: “Mark Twain, who knew his way around a three-piece suit.”

Jack Huston
RESIDENCE: New York City.
FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP: “John Varvatos and basically anywhere that has a cool pair of boots.”
FAVORITE ACCESSORY: “My grandfather John’s gold ring with a lapis lazuli stone.”
STYLE ICON: “Alain Delon.”

OCCUPATION: Co-founder, Paddle8.
RESIDENCE: New York City.
FAVORITE ITEM OF CLOTHING: “Currently it is an old 1960s British military safari jacket.”
FAVORITE PLACE TO SHOP: “There is a dandy, called David Saxby, who has a gentlemen’s outfitter in London, where he sells everything from refashioned Norfolk jackets in rare tweeds to pencil trousers with fish-bone backs for braces.”
FAVORITE ACCESSORY: “My lucky watch, which is a rose-gold 1966 Girard-Perregaux chronograph, with blue alligator strap. I continue to marvel at it and the exquisite taste and boundless generosity of my wife, Misha Nonoo, who gave it to me as a wedding gift.”
STYLE ICON: “Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor.”

Hot Gear

Alpine Boots Climb to New Heights
Who Did Them Best: Hermès
Alpine boots are the ultimate example of fashion’s current obsessions with travel, adventure, and innovative tech. These are water-resistant, near indestructible, and just the right amount of flashy (see: laces in Hermès’s trademark orange). They’ll have you praying for snow for ten winters to come.
$1,425 by Hermès

The Closest Thing to Growing Feathers: The Down Vest
Who Did It Best: Louis Vuitton
The only months you won’t have this vest in constant rotation are July and August. That means: Over a polo when it’s breezy. Over a suit jacket (yes, over) when it’s almost freezing. Or under a giant parka when it’s dead cold (gives you warmth, but not marshmallow arms).
$2,140 by Louis Vuitton

Tortoiseshells Win the Race
Who Did Them Best: Warby Parker
Tortoiseshell frames have an Old Hollywood twist (try Googling James Dean) that paradoxically makes them look fresher. They also make you seem like you’ve read way more James Joyce than you actually have. Finnegans Wake? Totally!
$95 by Warby Parker

The Best Bloody Leather Jacket on the Planet
Who Did It Best: Balmain
In an era when any dad with decent air-guitar moves can pull off a black leather Joey Ramone jacket, the avant (and hella-expensive) label Balmain pushed this classic into new territory by reimagining it in oxblood. That instantly restored the moto jacket’s rock ‘n’ roll edge, but just to be clear: There’s still nothing wrong with black.
$3,920 by Balmain

The Dress Shirt Takes Center Stage
Who Did It Best: Prada
So often, the dress shirt plays a supporting role, a solid blue or white that foregrounds your striking Glen Plaid suit or flashy repp tie. But a new breed of ginghams have now flipped that script. For the first time, your shirt will be the player making the biggest, boldest gestures when you walk out the door.
$545 by Prada

Gingham Dress Shirts $125 Vinveyard and Vines
JoS Bank on Sale for $29.00
From the Rodeo to the Runway
Who Did It Best: Elder Statesman
Bandanas have always been stylish—just ask John Wayne, 2Pac, or Axl Rose. But 2013 is the year that high fashion designers snatched them from the forgotten bins at the army navy and put them on their ever-so-carefully lit shelves. (This one, not coincidentally, is cashmere). No matter where you buy yours, fold it into a pocket square for your suit or tie it around your neck like John Wayne—and just hope you don’t need it for a gun wound.
$235 by Elder Statesman

Trainmen Bandana Black/Red 1980 $1.79

Men’s Grooming

Men’s Grooming in 5 Minutes or Less!

You know all those super hot A-List celebrity men that women want and men want to be? Spoiler Alert! They wear makeup. As a professional Makeup Artist and Groomer for the last 10 years, I have colored in celebrity men’s grey beards/eyebrows/sideburns, I have covered up razor burns, plucked ear hairs, and evened out skin tones. None of them wake up looking the way they do when we see them. I think it is about time everyone gets a shot at feeling their very best. If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, life is just better.

Tis the season to share, right? So, here are some of my best kept secrets that will help you feel confident and sexy this holiday season.

Clean and Moisturize!
Most men I have spoken to admit to using their body soap on their face. While it would not be my first choice, there is a very easy way to make it a little bit nicer to the sensative skin on our faces. Buy Dove soap. While they have recently been running a very female-centric campaign, the central selling point remains the same. Dove cleanses skin and is incredibly moisturizing. They have a line called Dove Men+Care. They have this amazing soap bar. It’s a Body + Face bar. No harsh detergents, super moisturizing, smells amazing. Follow that up with Men+Care+Hydrate Face Lotion, and you are well on your way to putting your best face forward.


I don’t know about you, but I prefer to kiss smooth, hydrated lips. If you have ever had someone lay one on you with cracked, flaky, dry lips, chances are it was the first and the last time. Men can be pretty awesome about pulling out that little black tube of Chapstick and slathering it on, but what they don’t realize is that it is doing them no good. No amount of petrolium jelly , shae butter, or bee’s wax is going to revive that scratchy pucker. What needs to be done before your lip moisturizer of choice can do it’s job is to remove all that dead skin!
Before bed, after brushing your teeth, run the brush under the water to remove the last of your toothpaste and then lightly run your toothbrush over both lips. If you do this for 10 seconds, and then apply your chapstick, voila! Perfectly kissable lips.

The idea that makeup is only acceptable for women is dated. When makeup was first introduced, it was thick. So thick it was called “Pancake Makeup”. Nobody wants to see stubble poking through a porcelain facade! Now, we have one of the most exciting new products to hit the shelves in a very long time. The Skin Perfection Gel by aptly named company “Perfekt” is just that. Using dimethicone, and specialized color technology, Skin Perfection Gel evens skin tone, combats shine, reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and reduces the look of pores.

Dudes… using this product takes 10 seconds of your time. put a dime sized amount on your hand, rub onto skin. Don’t overdue it, no need to vigorously rub, It is amazing. Melts into your skin, and makes you instantly hotter. I have been asked for years by clients to make them look as though they have been “photoshopped” – here it is.

And if the partying til 4am, or waking up with a baby at 4am ( and 12am and 2 am) has your eyes looking a little tired, use the incredible palladium tipped Eye Perfection Gel to depuff, and instantly brighten those tired peepers.


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