GQ’s Top Fashionable Athletes of the Year

GQ’s Top 20 Most Stylish athletes were featured this week, and we picked out our top 7, First up:

Murray proved himself a pro by lending a sense of cool to a sport that once seemed all too classist. After reclaiming Wimbledon in the name of the Kingdom, he went on to further victory in trim fitting suits and narrow ties.

A’Mare Stoudemire, Got married in this bright red suite. GO New York…Knicks

Outfitted by Ralph Lauren…world Famous Polo Player…he’s got the hair, double breasted suite, he’s got it all.

The Dodgers slugger destroyer rocks three piece suites and amazing leather jackets like this one.
NBA players are the reason six-buttons suits still exist in menswear’s outer limits but players like Steve Nash are the reason those smocks are set for extinction. Nash has mastered the art of fitting his long and lean frame, whether it’s in sharp pre-game suits or slim khakis and button-downs

GOAL!! Watch out David Beckham, here comes Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s got the hair and all the right tailored lines.

And I finally figured out why the paparazzi can’t leave these two alone. Clearly tom Brady has been taking pointers from his super model wife!


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