Pregnant Red Carpet

“Drew Barrymore is pregnant and other great Pregnant dresses!”

I owe an apology, last week, I dissed Drew Barrymore.

Well, I just want to say, that, if y’all haven’t heard by now, Drew Berry is, as my sister likes to say: “Pregos” or as they say in Spanish “Embarasada”.

I just want to take this moment to apologize and say that even if it wasn’t baby weight gain, I’m not sure it was appropriate for me to point it out, I really just didn’t care for the Lilliane Westwood gown you were wearing.

But what a great time to point out that angles do make all the difference in the world, because I then went back and found this pic from the same evening:

Obviously, bringing Drew back, inspired us to talk about an obvious topic:

The “I’m with “Child” and I’m still rockin’ this outfit” pics. First up: Jennifer Garner 2011, then Natalie Portman 2011, and Michelle Moynahan September 2013.

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