Claudia Christian Drops By as Pink Becomes the New Red

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month we’ve got celebrity stylist Chris Mannorto show you how put your wardrobe in the pink—and actress, activist and sci-fi icon Claudia Christian from Babylon 5 joins us to talk about the pleasure and pitfalls of touching down in Hollywood at the tender age of 17.

Red Hot on the Red Carpet

 This week’s red carpet sizzles with the rising style and edge of the darling Emma Watson. We have watched Emma’s coming of age right before our eyes as she has grown up on the red carpet. From her early years embodying Hermione Granger, Miss Watson stepped onto the red carpet very young for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Although Watson has quite the track record for her film career, her style has been steadily climbing as well and fashion experts have taken notice. Today, Emma is seen as a fashion trendsetter and knows how to work what’s best with her body type. She has definitely transformed from the cute tween we fell in love with during the Age of Potter, to an older and edgier risk taker with her style. Emma has even set the trend and mastered the pixie cut with her most recent hair style. She has made great leaps from Hogwarts to being the face of Burberry, the lead in Perks of Being a Wallflower, and a red carpet regular, turning heads of all major designers.

Much like Watson’s career, her role in Perks of Being a Wallflower is a coming of age story where she co-stars along side Kate Walsh and Dylan McDermott in the film adaptation of the New York Times bestseller by Stephen Chbosky. Watson was also featured this month in Glamour Magazine as they issued her new “all grown up” look as she promotes The End of the World with James Franco, Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.  Watson is young, edgy and in her fashion prime as a risk taker, and we just can’t get enough of this starlet.

The Latest In

This week on the latest in, we have our favorite hue featured as we remember its color of awareness and join the fight against breast cancer, that’s right we are talking everything PINK! Pink isn’t just a bridesmaid’s dream or prom dress hue, but is now making strides on the red carpet and can be mainstreamed for year-round use. In the studio we have none other than the guru of pink himself, Chris Mannor. Chris shows us some great looks that have been rocked lately by some of our favorite stars.

Jennifer Lopez was recently seen in head-to-toe hot pink when she stepped out in a Valentino dress. This bright pink had heads turning more than her new man candy. Another red carpet look was seen on Ashley Greene at the film premier of Butter, where Greene wore a light pink patterned DKNY dress. Our final pink favorite was seen on Sofia Vergara on the cover of Lucky Magazine. She is wearing a bright pink cardigan used for color blocking. We like this versatile look as it is appropriate for many women, shapes and sizes.

To get looks like these for yourself, Chris shows us his picks on the mannequin that are almost identical to the red carpet looks we just showed! What’s great is that all of these items were picked up from our local Marshalls and for the 3 total outfits together, the cost was under $200. We can’t get enough of these hot styles and how great they match our budgets. The fabulous thing about these pink styles is that they can take an outfit from office to cocktail quick and easy. Chris also shares another easy tip for perking up your wardrobe. If you aren’t ready for head to toe color, go for the accessories or fun bags that say the same bold statement. And for men, a pink tie can do the trick to add just a hint of color and honor the women in their life.  And that’s this week’s style guide by Chris Mannor where he shares his celeb fashion scoop.

Inside Job

This week we are back again with Luke as he guides us down the path of finding our inner director. His style gospel is all about taking action over those negative concepts rolling around in your head, being the director and rewrite the script to your own positive beat. If you recognize the scene isn’t playing out the way it should, do what any director would and rewrite it will a realistic and appropriate ending. Take charge, call cut and give yourself a re-take. Just like a movie, dialogue comes with a script and the more you read it, the more you believe what the character has to say. So write the dialogue that makes your character feel its best. Give yourself notes, things to work on and areas in your own dialogue that you can tone down or let fade. Calling for a cut and rewrite gives yourself a change to reflect on what you didn’t like and how you can flip your dialogue so the scene gets played out the way it should.  And everyone in Hollywood knows, without a good director, you can’t illuminate the star. Most of all we need to learn how to move on, switch scenes and keep things together in order to maintain a change in these habits.

Spotlight On Babylon 5 star Claudia Christian

This week we shine the spotlight on Hollywood veteran and recently turned author, Claudia Christian. After moving to LA at the young age of 17, Claudia has seen her fair share of success, addiction, love and turmoil. Claudia has mastered sci-fi, dabbled in Dallas, and beheaded men in Highlander. This tough cookie really has seen a lot in her days. Luke sits down with Claudia and asks the question on everyone’s mind, “What’s so confidential about Babylon Confidential?” Claudia explains how she wrote this book as a way of coming clean.  She wanted to share her personal story and some of the secret relationships that shaped her to be the woman she is today. It is somewhat of a Hollywood memoir with a twist, 30 years of Hollywood Babylon surprises, interlaced with a message of hope. After living a very packed and blessed life as she calls it, Claudia wanted to share the hope she found with others, and take a break from her career to do something more important. She wants to speak to people who may need to hear the same message she received, and give them hope through the Sinclair Method that changed her life.

After fleeing a troubled childhood and moving to Hollywood, Claudia found herself amidst fame, affairs, heartbreak, addiction, alcoholism, and toxic drama. But Claudia admits, this rollercoaster came with a price and eventually she burned out. She needed to reclaim her life and in doing so, she credits the Sinclair Method, to help her overcome alcoholism. After a 30 year career Claudia recognizes how blessed and truly packed her life has been, and she wants her career to move forward through reaching others.

While talking films and fashion with Luke, Claudia tells us that her mother was her greatest style influence. She notes her mom as the fashion queen, a former sales executive with Georgio of Beverly Hills and Saks 5th Avenue, Claudia reveals how she grew up as the baby girl and her mother’s very own Barbie doll. If there’s one fashion tip Claudia can leave us with, it’s that being uncomfortable in shoes is the WORST! She always carries her nicest flats with her for those “in between” moments after the red carpet and before the after parties. To hear more from Claudia Christian and her confidential secrets, don’t forget to check out her book “Babylong Confidential:  A Memoir of Love, Sex and Addiction,” that drops on November 6th!


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