Traci Lords of Cry Baby and Excision Comes to Secrets of the Red Carpet

This week we shine the spotlight on a woman who has epitomized the idea of self- transformation, and in doing so, she has proven to take success into her own hands. Having been under fire years ago for her work in adult films, Traci Lords since has been established as a film and television star, musical artist, and her latest project, writing and directing. One of Traci’s first big breaks was in the film “Cry Baby,” where she starred along side Johnny Depp, Iggy Pop, Amy Locane and Ricki Lake. Her career continued with films like “Virtuosity” and “Blade” and appearances on television series like Melrose Place, Married with Children, Roseanne and Nash Bridges. Although Traci has been scrutinized for her previous and controversial work in the adult film industry, throughout the 1990s she proved that her hard work got her reputation back and changed her image into a reputable actress.

Traci sits down with Luke and talks about everything from 80’s hair to her most iconic roles, and how she has grown into the multi-talented artist she is today. Traci tells Luke that as far as her career goes, she sees her role in Cry Baby as one of the most iconic of her films. From her famous blunt rocker bangs to her A-list costars like Johnny Depp, this role launched an iconic character and the stardom of Traci as an actress. The reason why this film stands out she discusses, is due to the role and costume that was created through Van Smith’s vision. To date, Traci says Cry Baby, The Profiler and Blade were some of her favorite roles.

As far as recreating her image, Traci is not shy to acknowledge the scrutiny of her past that is still reflective of her image. She talks to Luke about not taking yourself to seriously and how at the end of the day, or 20 years down the road, these things people criticize you for are not the end of the world as we often feel. It is easy for people to define and label us into a category of unflattering images, but it takes a strong person to overlook these things and define who they are on their own. Traci has shown the world to do just that with her television and film success, new album titled M2F2, and her latest role as writer and producer. A lot can be said for Traci’s dynamic character and faith in herself. She hasn’t let anyone tell her who she is and doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon.

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