Eva Longoria, Beyonce and Blake Lively’s Red Hot Looks For You

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This week on The Latest In, celebrity stylist Chris Mannor gives us the 411 on what’s new on the celebrity style front and what looks we should emphasize in our wardrobe. Today’s latest looks range from structure to floral, Chris shows how these prints and “fits” can actually tailor your body to make the perfect statement. Eva Longoria’s recent look at a campaign stop in a classic little blue dress, pops with color. The hue gives a bold statement while adding a feminine flare that accentuates your body type and waist. Beyonce sizzles with power in a structured blazer. Whether it:s paired with a dress or a white tee and jeans, a structured blazer can give you shape and sophistication. Blake Lively shows off our look of the week with a summer inspired floral print. This look can be modified by using the floral print may in something simple like a blouse or scarf. However it is used, floral makes a fun and flirty statement. The best news about the looks we’ve shown is that you can find similar styles from local and affordable stores such as Zara, H&M and Anthropologie.

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