Day Into Evening

ABC Castle star Molly Quinn joins Secrets of the Red Carpet to walk us through the wild and wacky fashion of Comic-Con. Molly loves Comic-Con as much as she does Christmas! Each year she designs her own costumes to wear to the much publicized event.  On SRC Molly shares some of her favorites from past years and even brought one with her to the set!

Kelly Osborne has had some dramatic evolution in style since she blew onto the scene in the Osbornes 10 years ago, and Luke loves her fearless Red Carpet looks.   Check out which ones Luke chose and why.

Joining us this season is Saks 5th Avenue fashion blogger Jenny Wu who gives us some secrets on taking your daytime look..into evening.  Jenny has chosen her favorite elegant workday style, and show how with just a few quick adjustments, you can walk from work onto the red carpet, or your favorite summer party.

The process of changing a habit, particularly one of bagging on yourself in the mirror, will change your life… but it ain’t easy.  Luke discusses how to be gentle with yourself while pushing through the threshold of discomfort and find strength in loving yourself.

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