High Heeled Women

It’s a shoe extravaganza this week on SRC.

Body bullies take center stage on this week’s edition of The Style Gospel According to Luke. These bullies live within ourselves and rear their ugly heads when we pass by the mirror. Luke advises us to intervene on our own behalf and gives us a fantastic mantra to repeat to eventually ensure that we’ll catch those negative remarks before the bully even makes an appearance.

Willie’s Shoes designer Raul Ojeda joins Luke in the studio for this week’s Latest In. Willie’s Shoes has been immensely popular for decades with their custom made shoes and gorgeous work with period shoes. Their clientele includes the likes of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Loren, Michael Jackson, and John Wayne, amongst countless others. Raul discusses the process of creating a custom-made shoe, demonstrating with a boot Willie’s Shoes made for a recent episode of the hit ABC show, Castle. He’ll also give a few tips on how to preserve your favorite shows to make them last for years.

This week on the Inside Job, Luke gives us the final step in raising our image quotient. Everything boils down to acceptance. Loving ourselves conditionally is a trap, a finish line that we’ll never reach. While working toward a goal is perfectly fine, it’s essential that we accept ourselves as well. Value judgments will only get in our way and limit our lives. Luke gives us a final tip in this finale that will put us on our way to continuing our style transformation in season two.

The Hollywood Minute Makeover focuses on Kimberly Lee, a twenty-nine-year-old who struggles to find age-appropriate and chic business attire. Luke shows her how she can whip up a few fantastic designer outfits (like J Crew) with the help of vintage stores and consignment shops.

SRC goes on location with Youtube sensation Dulce Candy at top shoe store, Lush. Dulce dishes on the latest trends in shoes, from neons to pastels to wedges. There’s a great look for every shoe maven.

Maya Levy, from independent family store XTC, drops by to talk about some of her favorite brands of shoes including LAMB, Casadei, Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, and Yosi Samra. She’ll also divulge what’s hot and popular for summer, including cork wedges and kitten heels. You don’t want to miss her walking in heels tutorial with SRC’s very own host modeling as he struts his stuff around the studio. Maya’s got great secrets for working those heels and she and Luke also share how your body and image can benefit from slipping a pair of these onto your feet.

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