Building Your Style Foundations

This week on the premiere episode of Secrets of the Red Carpet, host, stylist, and costume designer Luke Reichle brings us tips on how to get started on a new journey of style self-discovery and body awareness as we try to change our look and change our minds about how we look.

On this week’s segment of The Style Gospel According to Luke, our favorite host encourages us to “Get Our of Our Own Way” and throw away all preconceived notions about fashion and hop onboard the style train, the first step toward being style-savvy.

On Red Hot on the Red Carpet, Luke lays down the law on foundation. Well, style foundation that is. He takes us on location to hang out with celebrity bra guru, Sara Sanfir of Sara’s Lingerie. Sara’s Lingerie has worked with countless A-list networks and production companies, like E!, ABC, The CW, CBS, NBC, Fox, and the Disney Channel. Together, Sara and Luke give us fabulous tips and insider secrets on what the best bra should look and feel like for your body shape.

Luke shares a few secrets of his own this week on the Inside Job. He starts us off with his number one secret and encourages us to put the clothes aside and take a look at ourselves. He’ll get us started on a little self-awareness project that’s sure to amp up our fierce style transformation.

Celebrity make-up artist Stella Kae–who’s worked with Beyonce, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Cosmo, just to name a few—comes to us from hot make-up and styling agency Cloutier Remix, whose long list of clients include Ellen DeGeneres, Patricia Arquette, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, and a whole slew of who’s who in Hollywood. Stella joins Luke in the studio for a fantastic lesson on foundation to bring out natural beauty so we can get that gorgeous, flawless face just like the Hollywood stars.

This week’s Secrets of the Red Carpet is rounded off with a red-carpet extraordinaire herself, TV Guide and Epix host, Carly Steel, who rocks the carpet as both a host and a glamorous celebrity in her own right. Carly’s been known to throw down on major Hollywood events, like the Grammys, Academy Awards, and the Golden Globes. She’s also dabbled in television and movies, with small roles in The Bold and the Beautiful and the Chris Pine/Denzel Washington action thriller, Unstoppable. On today’s show, Carly kicks off her heels with Luke to divulge her top tricks for getting red carpet and camera ready in no time.



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