Women Power!


Woman Power! By Nina Boski

I love the title, “Woman Power” but what does it actually mean? It could mean “I am woman, hear me roar.” It could mean“women unite!” It could mean a lot of things to different people. However one thing I know for sure, there seems to be an uplifting energy and excitement when you say the phraseWOMAN POWER to another woman!

For me in looking at this subject this week, feeling empowered is an inside job. There isn’t just one pill you take and all is well in your world. To feel empowered in my opinion, you have to continually make choices that are going to be in the highest good of yourself and others around you. Sometimes I feel the most empowered when I say, “no.”  For women each and every day we are wired to support and nurture others, saying “yes” much of the time, when we really don’t want to. Our needs, our truth gets smashed down, we find ourselves with depleted energy, feeling resentful and not knowing exactly how we got so far off track.

Author Jodi Wing, in her book, The Art of Social War, who has dealt with the social war of women in Hollywood and their fight to be on top at all costs, has spent much of the last few years working on the subject. From her battles and achievements in Hollywood to spending time, fostering and encouraging young girls to have a sense of self worth in her school programs, she too has learned that WOMAN POWER comes from within and you have to have a strong sense of self in order to navigate the negativity and back stabbing that happens in everyday life. Jodi embodies empowerment, because she has taken a seemingly negative life experience and has turned it around, helping young women get a sense of self, so they go out into the world feeling empowered.

Suzanne Whang an actor and comedian is very funny on and off the stage, but what you would never know looking from the outside is she is a three time cancer survivor. She uses humor to help transform and heal her life and others, but she alsoencourages people to look inside themselves for answers.

Life does not always give you a bowl of cherries, but it is what you do with those bowl of cherries, or lack of that count.

She lives an empowered life each and every day. This does notmean by all counts she doesn’t have bad days, we all do. But shedoes not define her life by cancer and is in full remission… for the 3rd time!

As we approach Mother’s Day, and we look at the women in our lives, let us not forget who we are.

I want to support each and everyone of you to LIVE yourTRUTH.

If you do not know what your TRUTH is, that may be a strong indicator that you need to take some time to explore and understand your feelings and spend some time getting to know you.

I know that feeling empowered is not going to happen by negating or judging someone else. It is not going to be won by winning at the cost of another’s self worth. We all have heard the term, “women can be catty.” But in today’s society, things are changing. Just by the talking about the subject this week, I hear from other women a real willingness to want to support each other. We need more women like Jodi and Suzanne because WOMAN POWER is strong and alive!  Shari Heffel, one the LifeBites fans wrote in and said this about the subject:

“It seems a silly endeavor to me that women waste their time trying to measure up to each others standards. Especially when they themselves set those standards continuously for the specific purpose of standing above the crowd. When the crowd catches up the standards are reset. Women are so valuable to this world especially now when their grace is needed most. My compassion goes out to those that compete to feel their own self worth and miss the grace that has been within them all their lives.”

I could not have said it any better. I love the words of wisdom Sherri. May you all go out into the world this week and bless and honor the women your life. May we all be a POSITIVE,igniting force in world that really gives true meaning to the phrase, “Woman Power.”

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