How To Make it in Hollywood

On this episode of LifeBites Live we ask the question, “What does it take to make it in Hollywood?” First we talk to media expert Marta Tracy co-founder of the Style network about her thoughts on what it takes to make it in this crazy city of Hollywood!

Marta gives us her professional advice from her book Starring You!: The Insiders Guide to Using Television and Media to Launch Your Brand, Your Business, and Your Life. ┬áMarta believes in the three P’s passion, persistence and perseverance.

Also we will be talking to Jared Gray, “The Producer” and Brain Clark “The Blogger” from the play and adventure Accomplice Hollywood. The play tells the story of a fallen Hollywood starlet Nikki Desmond and how this city can really eat you alive. We talk to the actors and get their advice on how to make it in Hollywood!

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