Sexpert Lou Paget, Motivational Maestro Freddie Ravel & Alex’s Lemonade

This week is all about motivation! If you need to get revved up in your own life, you have come to the right place.

In our Nina, Inspired segment, our question of the week is “What Motivates You?”  This show is all about bringing your life to the next level. Up your game, and we’ll help you get there!

We have music powerhouse and transformational leader Freddie Ravel in the house talking about the power of the present as well as helping people get motivated in their own lives. Having worked with music greats from Quincy Jones, Madonna, Carlos Santana to Earth, Wind & Fire, as well as working with some of the top Fortune 500 hundred companies, he will sprinkle us with some of his motivational maestro dust and get us moving forward!

Later in the hour, we’ll talk with sexpert Lou Paget as we learn about what motivates us between the sheets. If you are having trouble in the bedroom or you just need to spice it up, Lou will inspire us to have some fun and reenergize our sex lives! But we’ll start out with a heartwarming story of a little girl who inspired a message to not give up and to help people one cup at a time! If you are feeling stuck or unmotivated in your own life, you don’t want to miss this week’s episode of LifeBites Live!


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