Don Miguel Ruiz

Internationally renowned author of “The Four Agreements” and “The Mastery of Love” Don Miguel Ruiz describes a moment of personal transformation wherein he became more aware of his role as a teacher and as a human being in general.

A message from Don Miguel Ruiz

Dear Friends;

Wherever you find yourself in your story, in this moment, our stories have conspired to open this door of opportunity. I meet you here, now, with all my love to offer you my personal invitation to join me on an amazing adventure of Spirit and Beauty. We will be cruising some of the most untouched, beautiful and majestic scenery to the Inside Passage of Alaska! Going on a spiritual voyage as we journey to lands within and without that will open our eyes, our hearts and allow our Spirit to soar to new heights. I will teach you how I learned to live and leave a Legacy of Truth and how to find the voice of your authentic self. We will enjoy enlightening talks, laughter, inspiring discussions, and make new connections to ourselves and others. Join me in this unique moment of time in a vision of a new humanity and to truly make a change.

If your heart strings are tugging, your eyes smiling, Listen,
Take Action and come and play with us, on this once in a lifetime
magnificent journey to Alaska and remembering your inner “Ahhhhh”

All my love,
Don Miguel Ruiz
Author of The Four Agreements

Please visit Life Journey’s Alaska Cruise webpage for more information.

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