Medical Expert Dr. Brian McGowan

Medical expert and educator Dr. Brian McGowan joins Rebecca to deconstruct the quality of our health care system discussing the safety, timeliness, efficiency, effectiveness, equitability and patient orientation of existing options.

Prompted by the chat room he explores social media and medicine, its strengths as a tool for teaching communities and its weaknesses, especially for diagnosis, privacy, reliability and many other issues.

Rebecca checks in on the financial front with Citibank reporting a 74% jump in profits, Bank of America made $6.2 billion in the third quarter, Morgan Stanley made $3.8 billion . . . what does Rebecca think of the record profits being reported by the banking and investment community? The next bust is around the corner fueled by credit cards.

This morning, the NY Times reported that the banks are sitting on “all this money”.  Why would banks loan money at 4% to hardworking people to buy a house when you can charge them up to 80% for their credit card debt – and it’s legal!!!  Unqualified loans?  Let’s give credit card applications to every college student who has no job and whose student loan debt just passed $1 trillion.  The bubble will burst again and soon, and this time it’s real trouble. Rebecca also addresses what we can do NOW to help the country, our family and ourselves lead a better and more fiscally responsible life.


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