9/11 Remembered with John Fisher Burns

This week on Countermeasures with Rebecca Costa we honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with global insight from our guest and three time Pulitzer prize winner John Fisher Burns, current London Bureau Chief of the New York Times and one of the most knowledgeable journalists about terrorism in the middle east, including filing a story with the New York Times just two days before 9/11 about the dangers of an AL Qaeda attack on U.S. soil. Burns has been on the forefront of breaking news about Al Qaeda and he gives us a much-needed INTERNATIONAL perspective on how other nations were affected by this tragedy.

Costa examines the part fear played and continues to play in our hearts and minds and actions. She asks, can separate doors to the passenger cabin and the crew cabin be a simple answer to increased security? And talking about simple, can just saying no to overtime be a free solution to creating jobs in America?! Join Rebecca Costa together with expert John fisher Burns as they examine 9/11, security, fear and jobs.

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