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Wellness For Realists is for those dedicated to improving their lives along with the lives of the people around them. Whether you’re looking to learn to meditate, understand back pain, or trying to figure out how to buy organic food, we offer you compassionate objectivity on the challenges and opportunities around us today.



Gratitude: A Health Essential

Eating Healthy

Sexual Safety

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

The Importance of Sleep

The Power of Community

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James Knight on Hanna Somatic Exercises & Yoga

Interview with James Knight

Yoga for Healing

The origins of Yoga

How To Incorporate Superfoods Into Your Diet Today

Interview with Kip Stroden on Superfoods



Gentle Yoga Through Somatic Exploration

Superfoods and Your Health

Hypnotherapy for Health with Peter Bedard

Healing using Music with Michael Levine

Learning Feng Shui Basics to Improve your Life.

Ayurvedic Medicine with Guest Laura Plumb

Host: Christian Cristiano

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