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MD-VOD : Medical Features On Demand

Montel Williams on Multiple Sclerosis

Post Show Bonus Chat: Chronic Pain

Post Show Bonus Chat: Asthma

Post Show Bonus Chat: Colon Cancer

Post Show Bonus Chat: Arthritis

Post Show Bonus Chat: Sleep Disorder

Post Show Bonus Chat: Breast Cancer

Post Show Bonus Chat: Alzheimer’s Disease

Post Show Bonus Chat: Addiction

Post Show Bonus Chat: Visual Health

Post Show Bonus Chat: Prostate Cancer



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MD-VOD : Medical Features On Demand

Cholesterol with Dr. Ralph Brindis

Coronary Artery Disease with Dr. James McPherson

Diabetes with Dr. Cindy Williams

High Blood Pressure with Dr. Robert Waldman

Skin Cancer with Dr. Andrew Ordon

Multiple Sclerosis with Dr. Robert Giombetti

Dr. John Kennedy interviewed on KTLA-TV

Montel Williams on Multiple Sclerosis

Allergies with Dr. Ulrike Ziegner

Asthma with Dr. Stewart Lonky


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