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Improve your Life, Love Yourself – Ric Drasin Live

Guest Victor Palomares gives the tip of the week on improving and loving yourself. Victor  is an energetic and passionate Youth Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Teen Belief Activist & Coach of Super Hero Teens! With more than a decade of experience in youth empowerment teaching, coaching, and speaking, Victor has inspired thousands of teens from desperation…

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Youth Motivational Speaker Victor Palomares on Ric Drasin Live

Ric Drasin, former Pro Wrestler (The Equalizer) owner of Ric Drasin’s Pro Wrestling School, Bodybuilder and designer of the famous Gold’s Gym and World Gym Logos, former training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Demi Hulk (middle hulk) on The Incredible Hulk TV Series.  Ric has an Internet show with over 10 million viewers which…

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