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Attack of the Inner Thighs

You want to sculpt your inner thighs?  Don’t get stuck on the machines at the gym, start doing some second position plies!  Just like a ballerina, your legs will get long and lean and your heart rate will get up, too!   Burn fat and calories as you sculpt your inner thigh muscles. “C’est la…

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Travel Segment: Thinner Thighs

Get those thigh muscles thinned by adding this quick 5 minute video to your travel workout routine!  It’s easy and over in a flash so you can walk out of that hotel room struttin’ your stuff! “C’est la Vie with Selah V!” features conversations with celebrities and fitness stars about the latest and greatest in…

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Travel Segment: 5 minutes to Sculpted Arms

You can do anything if you have a few feet of space…that means if you’re in a hotel room, all you need is a resistance band and you can sculpt your arms just as well as if you had a whole gym!  Just grab a band and follow along to this video and in 5…

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