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Everyday Eating: Being a Food Investigator

Host Ilana Muhlstein, R.D.N., teaches you how to become a food investigator by showing you the way to analyze your meals to make sure they fit the MyPlate guidelines on this episode of Healthy Everyday Eating on Living Healthy, Living Well.  Living Healthy, Living Well is a series dedicated to teaching you how to lead a healthy and…

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Everyday Eating: Keep Your Healthy Foods Front and Center

To help you maintain healthy eating habits, R.D.N. Ilana Muhlstein offers tips on ways to prioritize more nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables, making eating healthy the easier choice on Living Healthy, Living Well. Living Healthy, Living Well is a series dedicated to teaching you how to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle while still enjoying…

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Dining Out Healthfully with Chef Deborah Benaim

Living Healthy, Living Well‘s host Ilana Muhlstein, R.D. will be interviewing Chef Deborah Benaim about Deborah’s secrets to making decadent food at modest calorie counts. Deborah owns her own catering company, dB catering, where she cooks foods inspired by her extensive travels around the world. Deborah is also a former chef of Spago Beverly Hills,…

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