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Partisan Gridlock Punishes Unemployed Americans

Partisan Gridlock punishes Unemployed Americans Rebecca Costa dives into this hot button topic with a “conservative middle” perspective Follow our network on twitter @emPOWERmedottv You can also like us on Facebook for show updates!

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9/11 Remembered with John Fisher Burns

This week on Countermeasures with Rebecca Costa we honor the 10th anniversary of 9/11 with global insight from our guest and three time Pulitzer prize winner John Fisher Burns, current London Bureau Chief of the New York Times and one of the most knowledgeable journalists about terrorism in the middle east, including filing a story…

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Bill Bradley’s Economic Policies Insight

Rebecca Costa comments on Bill Bradley’s policies to fix the economy and add jobs on the pilot episode of Countermeasures with Rebecca Costa. Rebecca talks about her initial wariness of the policy and her current thoughts. She also shares why we should not be so afraid of the words “government subsidy”. Rebecca Costa is a…

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